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The Global Book Alliance (GBA) and the Global Digital Library (GDL) envision a future in which a robust local publishing industry supports the needs of even the most underserved children. Books in both print and digital formats are critical to increase the supply of available and accessible readers for all children globally.

An effective supply of books requires high-quality title development in languages and formats children can use and understand, access to those titles by printers and publishers, and a functioning supply chain to deliver books to their potential readers.

500 files in 23 Languages

The GDL print repository offers more than 500 files in 23 languages at the time of the launch in March 2020. This includes a number of languages in Africa and Asia, in addition to our bridge language, English. The titles include various contributions from partners, including government approved books for educational use — “classroom books” — and all other books that the GDL defines as “library books”.

License and file format

All the books in the repository allow for re-use and translation, and more than 90% of the titles allow commercial re-use. The most common licences are CC-BY and CC-BY-SA, but there are also titles with CC-BY-NC-SA. It is essential to check the license on every title before reusing.

The books are shared as they were delivered from our partners in either PDF or InDesign file format. In most cases, they need to be altered to fit technical requirements before printing locally but include all necessary information to print a physical version of the book, including front and back cover, illustrations, and story content

Content developers

GDL-content is currently being provided by the following initiatives and organizations; Bookdash, Asia Foundation’s Let’s Read, Storyweaver, African Storybook Project, USAID missions, All Children Reading: a Grand Challenge for Development, URC and the Global Reading Network.

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The Global Digital Library collects existing high quality open educational reading resources, and makes them available on web, mobile and for print.

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