The GDL launched 27 new languages in September and October 2020

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The Global Book Alliance and the Global Digital Library just added 27 new languages to the growing collection on the Global Digital Library (GDL). Thanks to contributions from USAID and All Children Reading: Book Boost: Access for All Challenge, the GDL now contains vetted, quality content in 70 languages!

Among the new languages you will find(by country):

  1. Senegal: Wolof, Pulaar, Seereer
  2. Pakistan: Balochi, Brahui, Pashto-Balochistan dialect, Pashto-KP Dialect, Sindhi, Urdu
  3. Laos: Lao
  4. Papua New Guinea: Tok Pisin, Enga, Siri Motu
  5. Nepal: Tamang
  6. Malawi: Lomwe, Tumbuka, Yao

Many of the materials contributed to the GDL have been used by education programs in schools to teach reading, and meet Ministry of Education standards of quality. For students whose education has been interrupted by the pandemic or other crises, readily available learning materials such as these can play an important role in preventing the deterioration of reading skills.

All materials on the GDL are openly licensed and free to access on phones, tablets or computers. The GBA recognizes that access to digital content is not available to all, so materials can also be printed directly from the GDL. In addition, high-quality, print-ready files, which contain all information needed to produce professional quality physical versions of the books, are available free of charge. See the GDL’s repository of print-ready files to learn more.

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